The Years in Review

It’s come once again, welcome holiday time,
When I try to condense the year into a rhyme.
We had a good year, and even some fun,
With no ER visits – except for that one.

We’ve got no big news, no outstanding events,
And no need to hold you in heightened suspense. 
We’re pleased it’s that way, and it’s well understood,
After 2013, unexciting is good.

We’re still near Milwaukee, with boys far away,
Though we wish they were here, they continue to stay
Up in cold Minneapolis, living alone
With each other for friends in the house we still own. 

And speaking of cold, it came on way too soon
After lingering on in the Spring until June. 
The summer was short, with the temperature nice
While we landscaped our own piece of yard paradise.

We edged and we put in a new waterfall
And professionals helped us build up a stone wall.
After multiple versions of final designs,
We had a shed built in the proper confines. 

And now we have storage for all of the things
That 25 years of home maintenance brings
And all of the stuff that’s still hanging about
That somehow we think we just can’t live without.

Throughout her ordeal of the previous year,
My Meemo came back and recharged her career. 
It took her some months to recover her mode
Of working in unceasing stress overload.

Though Marily’s job fits her skills to a “T”
It keeps her from paying attention to me.
On weekends and evenings she shuns alcohol,
And keeps on producing non-stop cortisol.

She has the good fortune to work at a place
That matches her passion and fire to embrace
A mission to help the disabled’s intent
To live all their lives to the fullest extent.

We traveled for work all across the US
In automobiles and in planes to excess.
And Marily got down to Dayton to stay
Some days with her Mom before driving away. 

I managed in August to get to La Porte
To see Mom and Dad, though the trip was too short, 
For something that we rarely do anymore:
A weekend with just the original four.

The hip’s all recovered, I’m happy to say
With all of that pain in the long yesterday.
I sleep now without having shuteye cut short
And play without pain on the basketball court.

This Fall I was able to drive once again
My parents to Sanibel Island, and then
Relax for a while and to help them unpack
And share treasured moments before flying back.

We got a new roof when it started to snow.
In early November, they worked even though
The weather was not quite the best every day,
They finished and took all our money away.

When kitchen appliances started to fade,
We traded some out for a long due upgrade.
And though I’m not sure Meemo’s pledge was sincere, 
She swore to be happy the whole coming year.

It was some years ago, a tradition began
Between Meemo and Grant and the group Steely Dan, 
So they went to a Madison concert this year
To listen to music they both love to hear.

This year North Dakota was not Warren’s place
Of work for the summer, instead, his home base
Was where he was able to drive to each site
And sleep in his own bed almost every night.

And Grant’s job is working to stop headache pain 
That’s lingering on from his bump on the brain.
While thinking relief should be long overdue,
His positive attitude still shines on through.

Our Warren has made a significant turn
By buying a house, but we have a concern.
With the change in their mutual place of abode,
We’re left with an unneeded house to unload.

But after they’ve moved and the house has been sold 
Our new and improved fiscal scene will unfold.
With one fewer mortgage financial outlay,
We might have some money left over for play.

That one ER visit, I’m saddened to say 
Took place in the summer when Meem was away
I had a departure that wasn’t well-planned
From a ladder when gravity caused me to land.

I was able to think when it started to go
That I don’t want to land on my new hip, and so
I tucked and I rolled like they tell you to do 
But then bid an AC alignment adieu.

When people make small talk or meet me first time,
I’m grudgingly forced to consider that I’m
Approaching the point in my varied career
When, “Are you still working?” is what I now hear.

And so in conclusion, I’ll leave you with this
One last thought in my effort to just reminisce.
We’re thankful we have who we love and we’re here
In a world that seems sometimes unduly severe.

The media’s frantic and overimpressed
With news they relate that the world is distressed.
Whether riots or protests, ebola or fear,
I’m confident, though, we’ll again persevere.

We’ve got our own means to defend and assure
That our family home remains safe and secure.
For those who think naughty is better than nice,
You come around our place, you’d better think twice.

© Larry Gardner 2014

The Gardners

Christmas 2014

Warren, Marily, Larry and Grant

November 27, 2014
Delafield, Wisconsin

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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