Granite plaque at the base of the tree we had planted in Grant's memory near the Wisconsin Veterans Memorial Riverwalk in Delafield.

Larry contemplating his dream job.

Libby surveying her northern kingdom.

Here are a few pictures from  that either didn't make it into the year's poem, or are larger versions of the ones included:

Our back yard with Libby standing guard.

Great-grandpa Harry with the Speicher boys, Lucas and Noah.

Warren on his dock on Gervais Lake contemplating his life alone.

Sunset off Warren's dock.

Harry and Carolee at Grant's Celebration of Life.

There really is a story behind this.

2015 Bonus Page

The Klopfer Christmas decorations.

Marily, Larry, Harry, Carolee, and Lana after Grant's Celebration of Life.

Warren's front yard.

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Meemo and Warren at Hogg Alley.

Meemo's had a tough day.

Meemo's new car.

Warren's back yard.

Our back yard.

Our vacation to Colorado.

A result of Warren's evening ritual of beer and bass.

With Marily's mother, Joyce Braden, on her 90th birthday.

Harry and Carolee on their 70th wedding anniversary.

Meemo's new plates.

The Wakeleys, the Brinks, and the Gardners in Lake Geneva.

At the This Time Tomorrow Foundation Gala at the Pfister Hotel.

One of Warren's neighbors.

Meemo, Katie and Laura.

Warren's back yard pond.

The Years in Review