The Years in Review

We were the English visiting the Amish at their fish fry.

Meemo and her BFF Patti on the Outer Banks.

Celebrating our 38th anniversary at Ishnala, the finest supper club in Wisconsin.

Harry and Carolee celebrated their 72nd anniversary this year in June.

We got to know some retired Budweiser Clydesdales at the Party at the Pits.

Meemo stylin' at the Auto Show in Chicago.

Here are a few pictures that either didn't make it into this year's poem, or are larger versions of the ones included:

I didn't travel a lot this year, but I did get to this beautiful place. Guess the city.

We took the future in-laws to Hogg Alley for breakfast.

We get better sunsets when the leaves are gone.

Libby was a great little doggie.

The deer really like the hostas.

And finally, Larry and Mike stylin' a few years ago. Can you guess who's on the T-shirt?

Meemo's sister, Laurie, her mother, Joyce, Marily, and some other guy we don't recognize.

The deer are also fond of our bird feeder.

Wisconsin's favorite supper club on Mirror Lake.

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2017 Bonus Page

Together again after 40-plus years! Fraternity brother Rick Schroeder and his wife, Lynn, with Marily and me at the This Time Tomorrow Foundation Gala in November.

Grant's memorial tree is doing quite well along the Wisconsin Veterans Riverwalk.