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The Gardners Christmas 2018

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Larry, Marily, Warren, Lauren, and Timber

November 24, 2018

Maplewood, Minnesota

The Gardners

Christmas 2018

This year's Chronicle is dedicated to the newest Mr. and Mrs. Gardner in the family.

​​​Now it’s time again, readers, for this year’s events,
All wrapped up in verse without too much suspense.
We’ve done one more year with some stories to tell
And again, through it all, we’re still doing quite well.

We’re still in Wisconsin, out Delafield way,
And though Marily’s not, I’m determined to stay.
It’s one of our often-recurring debates,
Since our family is spread across four Great Lakes states.

We have lost Meemo’s mother, but gained a new bride.
We are saddened for one, and for one starry-eyed.
Our other adventures are not quite so great,
But mostly are reasons to still celebrate.

In the first years we lived here, we planted some trees,
That started out just about high as our knees.
We placed the new willows among our young pines
And watched as they grew into tree Frankensteins.

So we had them cut down and hauled mostly away
With firewood candidate pieces to stay.
I now have my firewood split with a maul
And a few million fewer small leaves in the fall.

Last winter my Meemo decided to go
To a Florida flight from the cold and the snow,
With months yet to go for the spring and a thaw
To stay with her sister and brother-in-law.

September was time for the wedding event
With dinner and dancing, but what it all meant
Was our son and his love got the dream they’d desired
To embark on the life that each always aspired.

The site that they picked in the heart of downtown
Minneapolis suited the bride’s wedding gown
And the groom in his suit and attendants all dressed
And made up and combed and all looking their best.

On the rooftop they stood to be joined for all life
As a couple transitioned to husband and wife
With the pledge to each other that love never ends,
Then enjoyed the well wishes from family and friends.

In the summer we traveled to see Mom and Dad
For the seventy-third year of marriage they’ve had.
We visited Lana and Scott and his clan
And then re-created a fifty-year span.

After decades of Meemo’s relentless resolve
To badger me on her desire to evolve
Her patio dream that I finally began
To SketchUp design in a pergola plan.

With the plan all in place, we then hired it done,
Since my work schedule wouldn’t allow me the fun.
We added some touches and other upgrades
Like copper pipe curtain rods holding the shades.

After decades enduring discomfort and pain
And trying to wish it away all in vain,
I finally gave in to a pestering wife
And decided it’s time to go under the knife.

In October I had a procedure to change
Some old parts for new parts then rearrange
My shoulder that’s caused me for so long to moan
To a new mix of metal and muscle and bone.

With the shoulder immobile and leaves turning brown,
We picked out a time when they all had come down.
A few special friends came to lend us a hand
To clear all the leaves from our sidewalks and land.

We traveled Thanksgiving to Maplewood, where
We tried to be helpful, but not overbear,
As timing and guest complications increased
On Warren’s and Lauren’s inaugural feast.

But all turned out well for their first hosting year,
As we made all the turkey almost disappear.
We stayed some more days for a nice rendezvous
For family time and our year’s photo, too.

But clean up did not turn out quite like we planned
As the jobs to be done were completely by hand
For glasses and plates and new gold silverware
And Meemo’s impromptu dishwasher repair.

Weeks ago, Meemo found somewhat strange residue
Had her sinuses all stoppered up and askew
That required one more trip to another O.R.,
Where they cleaned them all out without leaving a scar.

And just to confirm that our lives have unknowns,
We had one bad week when we broke both our phones.
So we now have our iPhones all shiny and new
Just to be obsolete in a short year or two.

So we’re both growing older and loving our life
Together forever as husband and wife,
Who are now empty nesters as mother and dad,
Adding on to the future the life that we’ve had.

And just one more verse as I come to a close
In my memoir of this unique life that we chose.
We’re happy for next year, and starting anew,
And hope that, dear readers, you’re full of joy, too!

And to Marily's mother, Maryon Joyce Braden.

The Years in Review

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

November 29, 1925 - April 22, 2018