It's a constant challenge to keep the deer from eating Marily's plants.

We gotta get a bigger birdbath! Don't miss the babies on the rocks.

Another view of the back yard, this from the pergola we built last year.

And the proud father with his newborn son.

Go ahead, see if you can figure this one out.

I built the baby gym and Marily made the hanging toys.

Susannah, Claire, Scott, Christopher, Larry, Marily, Lana, Carolee, Harry, Noah, David, Lucas, Kristen, Warren, Lauren, and Graham-in-the-oven.

And here's the proud new grandma and grandpa on his first day in the world.

And this is the view down our back sidewalk on a summer evening.

Warren teaching Meemo to turn her first pen.

We had a few friends over to help us celebrate our anniversary, but neglected to take a single photo, so all you get to see is the invitation.

Larry and Marily out on the dock on Lake June.

We did a bourbon blind taste test. The winner was Evan Williams Bottled-in-Bond, the least expensive of the bunch (by far). Highly recommended! Thanks to Byron Bart Slawson for the recommendation.

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This was our clever, wonderful notification that baby Graham was on the way.

Graham, his parents, and grandparents all happy together at Thanksgiving.

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When we moved here 30 years ago, there wasn't a tree on the lot. This is the view from our roof now.

Larry's parents, Harry and Carolee Gardner on their 74th wedding anniversary, June 30th.

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