The Years in Review

Before you go, there are a few more things for you to see! You can click the boxes below to see the video commemorating our 40th wedding anniversary this past August, and the Bonus Page for more and larger photos from our year.

Just the two of us together
Here in cold Wisconsin weather
Wish you all the best of things this time of year.
Once again, the Christmas season
Brings the Gardner family reason
For the Chronicle in pixels to appear.

This year hopes came to fruition
With the promising addition
Of a little guy whose destiny will claim
In the coming generation
His grandparents’ admiration
As the one to carry on the Gardner name.

Back in April came a present
In a box containing pleasant
News of booties and a coming little one.
That unique annunciator
Said our son’s a procreator
And the baby bump would soon become a son.

We saw Mom and Dad and Lana
On a trip to Indiana
For some family time for us to celebrate.
On the way we picked up Warren
And a very pregnant Lauren
For her shower on my parents’ wedding date.

We were wakened without warning
On the last September morning
With a call from Lauren, saying even though
They were on their way securely
In the knowledge they were early,
But the boy was giving signals they should go.

On the first day of his living
Baby Graham had started giving
Subtle signs that made us think he was aware
When he got his close inspection
And was deemed to be perfection
That he liked his mommy-daddy loving care.

There with all his family with him
As he settled into rhythm
Close to mommy in his tiny little bed,
Where he fostered joyful weeping
Just from waking and from sleeping
And began to round his pointy little head.

Now the baby is the locus
Of their unrelenting focus
As they’re family now and future’s oh so bright
With the mix of deep affection
And their fading recollection
Of the times when they would sleep all through the night.

Forty years without a split meant
Time to celebrate commitment
With a party and a video detail
Of continuing persistence
For the whole of our existence
Since the time when Meemo wore her wedding veil.

So, to honor the occasion
We invited an invasion
To our home that we had chosen for the site.
We arranged the backyard splendor
And professional bartender
But forgot to take a photo of the night.

Mid-year Meemo unretired
By consenting to be hired
For another job that fits her to a “T.”
Once again, she’s masterminding
Business deals she keeps on finding
With her effortless finesse for repartee.

After much anticipation
Fifty years from graduation
I helped to set the stage to recombine
Almost all who were invited
Made the trip to be united
With our high school class from 1969.

Meemo had the same occasion
Based on classmate firm persuasion
She decided to go on a solo drive
And expecting a revival
Of old friendships on arrival
For her own reunion in year 45.

The replacement of my shoulder
And the fact I’m getting older
Placed a limit on the games that I could play.
Then the new hip in addition
Caused a year-long intermission,
But I'm now back on the court in CBA.

Through the year, we did consulting
For some companies, resulting
In some busy times beyond the status-quo,
When the business I had started
Was reopened and recharted
And chief Marily became the CEO.

With the projects all completed
And the proceeds all secreted,
She decided bathrooms must be overhauled.
So, we took some of the money
For a project for my honey
To get new tubs and showers all installed.

This year autumn made us surly
When the weather came too early
Reminiscent of the era Pleistocene.
We got temps in single digits
Causing shivers and the fidgets
And a six-inch blast of snow on Halloween.

There is one thing that’s for certain
As we start to draw the curtain
On this year and all our family events:
Our continued fascination
With the coming generation
And the hopes and dreams the youngster represents.

So, I hope I’m not imposing
On my readers here in closing
When you’ve made it through the words here that I’ve penned.
For you’ve spent more than a minute
Of your time for tidings in it
And I’m glad you’re still here with me to the end.

The Gardners Christmas 2019

See 40th Video page!

Marily, Larry, Warren, Graham, and Lauren

November 29, 2019

Maplewood, Minnesota

Graham Grant Gardner

​Born September 30, 2019

This year's Chronicle is dedicated to Graham, the newest member of the Gardner family.

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The Gardners

Christmas 2019

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!