The Years in Review

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The Gardners Christmas 2020

And now, for a year that’s been so epic, I decided it was deserving of an epic Chronicle, and what better than to base it on an epic poem. So, with apologies to Edgar Allan Poe, I borrowed some bits and pieces – well, really at lot – from The Raven. (I mean, how many different ways can you rhyme with “more”?) If you’d like to compare to the original, go here. And, of course, as appropriate for this year’s mood, there are 13 verses.

Harry and Carolee Gardner

June 30, 2020

Larry and Marily

November 29, 2020

Delafield, Wisconsin

Through this year that’s been so dreary, we’ve endured, though growing weary
With the endless, fixed undoing of so many things of yore.   
Every day as new sun rises, we get our share of new surprises
As the news always advises, things are worse off than before.
This is it, I always mutter, there just can’t be any more.
     But oh, just wait for what’s in store!

All this year, we’ve been through plenty of our share of 2020
Watching all the grim statistics growing ever more and more.
Bad news just keeps coming faster of the latest new disaster
From the TV telecaster – hurricanes and fires galore.
Someday off in future years, we’ll recall these days of yore
     And how they shook us to the core.

Ah, distinctly I remember, starting March and through December
Hope was just a dying ember for the way things were before.
We first heard coronavirus with no clue how it would mire us
In our cocoons to be desirous, to just be safe outside our door.
So instead, we spent some money just to change our house décor.
     ‘Cause we might be here ever more!

Deciding on some renovations, we cast aside our reservations,
Going for our upstairs bathrooms and a brand new upstairs floor.
Just two days for floors completed, but bathrooms had mistakes repeated
And our back and forth got heated with the firm and furthermore,
Through it all, my Little Meemo still is fighting with a roar,
     And she might for evermore!

In mid-March we got direction we’d now work with disconnection
And avoid the chance infection for some weeks or maybe more.
Now we work in our own places, meeting disembodied faces,
Seeing their home office spaces with attempts at work décor.
No one knows when once again we’ll have that face-to-face rapport.
     Maybe never, evermore.

This extended isolation was an undersized frustration
When the need for transportation home-to-office was no more.
With the long commute now ended and the time now not expended,
We found our work arrangement splendid with the time we had for more;
Time for work and play instead of driving door-to-door.
     We might not do it anymore!

We spent our summer evenings whiling away some moments thinking, smiling
At the list we’ve been compiling of the things we’re grateful for.
We reaffirmed in evening sessions, family ties and love expressions
Have more value than possessions and they’re what we’re living for –
Family, friends, and just each other, hobbies, paint, and two-by-four,
And realize we have the treasures that we need and even more.
     We couldn’t ask for any more.

With some planning and conniving, we took a chance to do some driving
To Indiana where we faced some rules we had to just ignore.
With Harry and with Carolee, and Lana and with Marily,
We executed scarily our plan to get them safely out the door.
To celebrate their fifteen years and plus threescore,
     And wish again for many more!

Watching fleeting FaceTime showing, we observed our grandson growing,
Waiting for the next time knowing we’ll hug him someday like before.
With the theme of brontosaurus, Graham was turning One-a-Saurus,
So we travelled northward for us to join the party all outdoor.
He had his cake and ate it, too, just like a cute tyrannosaur.
     And we wished him many more!

After that, we drove our flivver along the Mississippi River
To a nice vacation rental where we could sit and gaze offshore.
There we found it customary to not wear masks in Harpers Ferry,
Requiring expeditionary trips across the bridge for more
Accommodating places in Wisconsin for a grocery store
     And some restaurants to explore.

We made it through this last election, some with joy and some dejection,
At results of votes’ selection for the one we least deplore.
While politicians all grow fatter, let’s all stop the hateful chatter
And agree that all lives matter, just the way they did before.
We all can take the better path to get along and underscore
     We don’t need umbrage anymore.

And the somber, sad uncertain outlook as we draw the curtain
On a year that’s been, for certain, different from all those before,
Leads us to the hope we’re asking that next year there’ll be unmasking
So we can move about while basking in the freedom like before.
Just to go out seeing friends and family whom we still adore,
     And be like that for evermore!

With time to Medicare expiring, and time to tend to home desiring,
My lovely wife said she’s retiring, like she had that time before.
“What if,” I asked, while she sat rocking, looking at her mismatched stocking,
“A perfect job for you comes knocking, knocking on your office door?
Might not you want to try another, one more job you’re perfect for?”

     Quoth the Meemo, “Nevermore!”

Copyright © 2020 Larry Gardner

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The Gardners

Christmas 2020

This year’s Chronicle is dedicated to my parents, Harry and Carolee Gardner, who on June 30, 2020, celebrated their diamond-wedding anniversary – 75 years together and still in love! Now both in their eleventh decade (born in the twenties and now in the twenties), they continue to be the best parents any child – or adult – could ask for.

Click above for their video!