The Years in Review

"Well it's all right now.
I've learned my lesson well.
You see you can't please everyone,
So you got to please yourself."
  -- Rick Nelson, Garden Party

Since I write these annual epic poems mostly for myself and my family, I've used a few terms through the years which, for those not quite so close, some explanation may be in order.

   Meemo, Meem -- Nicknames for Marily, acquired when her nephew David was first learning to talk

   Sanibel -- Sanibel Island, Florida, where Marily and I met and all this started

   CBA -- Cushing Basketball Association. One of Larry's passions (see ) 


   Marily's job -- Well, she was retired for a while.

   Larry's job -- Product Manager, Yaskawa  (see ) 

Oakwood Associates -- Marily and I have found that we have very complementary skills, which we're able to put to good use for the benefit of a number of clients for market research, business planning, and other B2B endeavors. And I have a great boss!

And, the 2017 "butt" story: When Warren was at the age when he was just learning potty training, he was reluctant to take over wiping duties. In an effort to get him to see the need, I asked, "If you don't learn to do this yourself, who's going to wipe your butt when you grow up?" His calm and immediate answer was, "Maybe my wife." Then, in the early stages of their relationship, when Warren related the story to Lauren, her good-humored response was, "I'd wipe your butt." And so, the verse and the cementing of the relationship.

What I learned from my 2018 shoulder replacement: When I returned to work at Yaskawa after my two weeks away after the procedure, I shared with my work group what I had learned from the experience. Click on the button below to see.

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The Years In Review